The fees are given according to a certain number of criteria among which:
.the time devoted to your business
.research task necessary
.the nature and the difficulty of your business
.importance of the interests in question
.the incidence of the loads of the cabinet
.notoriety, seniority, the experiment and the specialization of lawyer in charge of the file
.advantages and the result got with your profit, like your personal situation.
.An invoicing “with the fixed price” can also be practised.
.In this case, for the service provided or the procedure considered, the fee will be given in advance in agreement with you.
A convention of fees is concluded between lawyer and his customer.
Since the promulgation, on August 8th, 2015, law for the growth, the activity and the economic equal opportunity, known as “law Macron” (article 51), it became obligatory for any matter and any type of intervention.
This convention, which “fixes” in a final way whole or part of the fees to be invoiced in a business, can in particular provide that part of the fees will depend on the got result.
This convention is written, and is signed by mutual agreement by lawyer and his customer.
The signature of the convention of fee must be preliminary to any mission.
You have the possibility of seizing the chairman of the Bar association to dispute the fees but also of resorting to a mediator of consumption:
Master Jerome HERCE, 22 rue de Londres, 75009 Paris, mail:, Website: