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International law

1. International adoption
. Procedure of adoption
. Recognition of the adoption
. Child and International conventions

2. International contracts
. Study of the conflicts of laws
. Study of the conflicts of jurisdiction
. Knowledge of the European regulations and international jurisprudence

3. Child abductions
. Illegal displacement children
. Convention of The Hague of 1980
. Defense in front of the jurisdictions specialized for purposes to order resorts it of the children in their country of origin

4. International divorces
. Study of the applicable jurisdiction
. Application study of the laws in the event of conflicts
. Recognition of the decisions taken abroad
. Defense in front of the Judge with the Family business
5. International adoption
. Procedure of exequatur
. Recourse in front of the administrative court for refusal of visa adoption

business law

. Contracts of distribution
. Creation of company
. Approval of the accounts
. Deposit of brand - Deposit of international brand
. Literary and artistic property
. Breach of trust
. Sales representative
. Terms & Conditions
. Defense in front of the Bankruptcy courts


labor law